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NOW LIVE – Hasbro’s SDCC 2016 Exclusive Toys

SDCC exclusives 2016Up for order right now are Hasbro’s 2016 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive toys!

If you want them, read the rest of this article later.  Go now to Hasbro’s order page and try to get yours!

Hasbro updated their Hasbro Toy Shop site in the early hours of Aug 9, 2016 listing all the SDCC exclusive toys that are now available.  They listed them as “Out of Stock” so orders were held until the allotted time.  Many of our listeners let us know they thought they had missed out on this sale and have already gone to eBay.

But now the items are online!  Up for sale are:

Star Wars:

  • Black Series 6-Inch Obi-Wan Kenobi Pack  Sold Out at 10:22 am CST
  • Black Series 6-Inch Kylo Ren Pack Sold Out at 10:49 am CST
  • Black Series 6-Inch Sergeant Jyn Erso Pack  Sold Out at 10:10 am CST


  • The Collector’s Vault 3.75-inch Legends Figure Set (with Howard the Duck!!)
  • The Raft 6-inch Legends Figure Set  Sold Out at 12:50pm CST


  • Generations Titans Return Titan Force Set
  • Generation Titans Return Titan Class Fortress Maximus (Convention Edition)
  • Evolution Soundwave (Convention Exclusive Featuring Tablet Mode)


  • My Little Pony DIscord and Fluttershy Set
  • Micronauts Comic Con Set
  • Visionaries: Knight of the Magical Light Mighty Muggs
  • Magic the Gathering 20166 SDCC Exclusive Set
  • Yo-Kai Watch Jewelnyan


So hurry to Hasbro Toy Shop and get your orders in fast! Some of these products (Magic the Gathering, all 3 Star Wars figures, and the 6-Inch Marvel Legends set for sure) won’t last long!


Good Luck

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New Funko POP! Vinyl Exclusives Coming to Walgreens


This month saw the first Walgreens Marvel Comics exclusive figures in the Funko POP! Vinyl figure line.  Now it looks Walgreens will be getting POP! Vinylu exclusives from another Disney licensee–Star Wars!

A Bothan spy contacted us this morning with information from the Walgreens stock system showing four upcoming items all listed as “POP! STAR WARS EXCLUSIVE”

This revelation is no surprise.  At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International Walgreens announced 6-Inch figure exclusives–the first was Agent Venom in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line.  This was quickly followed by the Prototype Boba Fett in Hasbro’s Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figure line.  That Funko would follow a similar pattern–release four Marvel POP! exclusives first, then four Star Wars POP! exclusives, makes sense.

The Walgreens exclusive Marvel POP! Vinyls are just now starting to appear in Walgreens stores.  With both Black Outfit Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 packed 1 per case eBay prices have soared as high as $60.  Star Wars collectors should brace themselves for similar short-packed figures.

More information on this will likely be revealed at Toy Fair International, taking place this coming weekend in New York City.  Star Wars Action News and Marvelicious Toys will both be covering the events, so be sure to follow them through social media for the latest updates on all Star Wars and Marvel toys!

Marvelicious Toys:


Star Wars Action News:



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Exclusive Marvel Legends 3-Pack on Clearance at

cache_640x480_images_Galleries_Marvel Legends_2014 Target Legends 3 Pack_Packaged_Marvel Legengs - Infinite Series 6-Inch - Collector's Edition Target Exclusive 3-Pack - Captain America, Ms Marve, Radioactive Man - Boxe


Brick-and-mortar stores’ prices may vary, but the Target exclusive Marvel Legends Infinite Series figure 3-Pack is on clearance and in stock at

This figure set, first revealed at 2014’s San Diego Comic-Con, contains 6-inch action figures of Marvel Comics characters Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Radioactive Man.  Originally retailing for $49.99, these are now marked down to $30.00 at Target’s web site.

Reports nationwide of in-store pricing is varied, with some Marvelicious Toys podcast listeners reporting finding the set marked down to $25.00, while others have noticed the price increase by $1 to $50.99

So you can get your set ordered now at Target’s web site!

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