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Star Wars Episode VII: The Toys Awaken


Star Wars Action News forum member Niklab wrote in with an interesting find–the Target DCPI information for loads of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys!

He has broken down the toys into categories based on descriptions, and you can find the item stock number, Target price, and more below!

Some observations:

1)  The good news is Star Wars figures will continue to be in 3.75-inch scale!  After Hasbro experimented with 2.5-inch figures for Guardians of the Galaxy and the current Avengers: Age of Ultron toy lines, Star Wars fans feared Hasbro may follow suit with the Episode VII line.  But there are no signs of 2.5-inch toys and, in fact, there are even vehicle assortments in the 3.75-inch scale!

2)  The 6-inch toy line will continue, which seemed a given with Hasbro’s push for that new scale of collector-oriented figure.  Still, it is nice to have confirmation.

3)  Though we will have 3.75-inch figures, odds are collectors spoiled by the super-articulated figures released between 2005 and 2013 will be disappointed.  The Black Series 3.75-inch line has a MSRP of $9.99 and many Target stores sell them at $12.99 or above.  To see these new 3.75-inch figures priced at $7.99 indicates they will likely have greatly reduced articulation (though perhaps more than 4 points, as these are more expensive than the current “Mission Series” figures).

From role-play toys to Micro Machines and Die Cast vehicles, there will be something for everyone to collect–and likely too much for any one person to afford!

Read on for all the details!





087-06-3658 SW E7 3.75 Single Fig                             7.99$



087-06-3662 E7 Class 1 Vehicle                                   9.99$
087-06-3663 E7 Class 1 Dlx Vehicle                             24.99$
087-06-3664 Class II Vehicle                                       29.99$


087-06-3670 Black Series 6″                                        19.99$
087-06-3696 SW Black series 6in Fig 2.                         39.99$


087-06-3681 SW EP 7 Hero Series fig.                      9.99$
087-06-3694 SW E7 Hero Series Fig 6.                    49.99$


087-06-3675 SW Hero Mashers.                              9.99$
087-06-3676 SW Hero Mashers Dlx.                        14.99$


087-06-3644 SW Extendable Lightsaber                      9.99$
087-06-3645 SW E7 Mask asst                                   9.99$
087-06-3646 SW Villain Extendable Lightsaber           12.99$
087-06-3647 SW Nerf Foam Lightsaber                      14.99$
087-06-3648 SW Electronic Lightsaber                       19.99$
087-06-3649 SW Villain Electronic (mask)                  34.99$
087-06-3650 SW Villain Dlx Lightsaber                       29.99$
087-06-3651 SW Alien Electronic Mask                       29.99$
087-06-3652 SW Darth Vader Voice changing Helmet  34.99$
087-06-3653 SW Signature Lightsaber                       49.99$
087-06-3654 SW E7 Ammo Refill                                9.99$
087-06-3655 SW Villain Trooper Whit                         12.99$
087-06-3656 SW Sidekick Alien Blaster                      24.99$
087-06-3657 SW Villain Trooper Whit                         39.99$
087-06-3672  Toy constrc SW 2                                149.99$
087-06-3674 SW EP II Yoda Lightsaber.                     199.99$
087-06-3695 SW choose yr destiny lightsaber.             49.99$
087-06-3697 SW E7 Darth Vader Lightsaber.                44.99$




087-06-3684 SW vehicle blind bag.                          2.49$
087-06-3685 SW vehicle 3 pack.                                4.99$
087-06-3686 SW MM Dlx vehicle asst.                         9.99$
087-06-3688 SW E7 MM Battle Set.                            19.99$



3659 – 3661 had no information, only prices.
3677-3680 no info
087-06-3668 Black Series Die Cast                               4.99$
087-06-3689 SW Collectable                                      19.99$
087-06-3692 SW E7 RC Lead Hero Droid.                    79.99$
087-06-3693 Furby E7 Sidekick Alien.                          79.99$


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Star Wars Gaming Updates from GAMA 2015

The GAMA Trade Show is currently being held in Las Vegas and Fantasy Flight Games, the company that currently holds to rights to produce miniature, card, and roleplaying games within the milieu of the Star Wars franchise, provided some updates during their presentation at the event on March 27th.

They started off their presentation by making sure that everyone was aware that the dock workers’ strike on the west coast has greatly affected their ability to ship merchandise to retailers. Many companies have been hit hard by the port delays and it seems that Fantasy Flight Games was unable to escape them either. This would account for several of their products being delayed past their original expected shipping dates, including the Armada core game, along with its first wave of expansion packs and the next cycle of Force Packs for the Star Wars Living Card Game.

However, these delays appear to be abating as the company did update Force and Destiny: Beginner Gamethe shipping date for Force and Destiny: Beginner Game to April 2015. These RPG beginner boxes are a great way for players who are new to Fantasy Flight Games’ roleplaying mechanics to learn the ropes of playing a character in a pre-built story mission, or playing the game master who leads up to 4 other players in telling the story.

They also announced that the first wave of expansion packs for Imperial Assault will be available this week! For those of you who heard my report for Star Wars Action News about last year’s GenCon, you’ll know that this is probably the best Star Wars game I have ever played. And since Fantasy Flight Games announced yesterday that it was their largest release ever, I don’t think I’m alone in that. Personally, I cannot wait to add these Villain and Ally Packs to my collection further hone my skills in the game’s one-on-one skirmish mode.

Next, Fantasy Flight Games announced the second wave of Imperial Assault expansion packs that are set to ship this summer:

  • Twin Shadows – $39.95
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 – $14.95
  • Kayn Somos – $9.95
  • Boba Fett – $9.95

Twin Shaswi10-boxleftdows is a great-looking boxed set, which includes 4 missions that can either be inserted into the core set’s larger campaign or played separately as a mini-campaign. It also includes 2 new hero figures, 2 new villain types (Heavy Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders) along with a dozen new map tiles to play out the new missions on! And of course there are a slew of cards and tokens to round out the box.

As with the core game, Twin Shadows will introduce characters into the campaign that don’t get fleshed out figures within the box. Instead, you will need to rely on their 2D character tokens when they enter play. However, three new Hero and Villain packs will also be coming so you can have 3D versions of your favorite droids when fighting against the most fearsome Mandalorian in the galaxy. Boba Fett has his own allies too. Kay Somos is a Stormtrooper Commander (shoulder pauldron included) who can help add actions to the other troopers on your map.

The Armada core game is expected to be available at the end of this month with it’s own first wave of ships arriving shortly after. Fantasy Flight Games is really proud of this game and were apparently not content with just the core game and first wave of Rebel and Imperial ship expansions. Soon, we will be treated to Wave 2! Not much is known about these packs yet, but look for more information on these sets soon:

  • Rogues and Villains – a large group of medium-sized ships that include the Falcon and Slave I
  • Mon Calamari Cruiser
  • Mon Calamari Frigate
  • Imperial Raider – this is a ship designed by FFG and was first announced for their X-Wing game


All-in-all, some really exciting stuff here. And yes, they did officially confirm that they will be doing Episode 7 products, but obviously did not go into any detail. Hopefully we will get some glimpses of some new products next month at Star Wars Celebration, though I’m sure that information about The Force Awakens merchandise will be scarce until later this year. Nevertheless, this is a great time to be a Star Wars gamer.

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