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Star Wars Gaming Updates from GAMA 2015

The GAMA Trade Show is currently being held in Las Vegas and Fantasy Flight Games, the company that currently holds to rights to produce miniature, card, and roleplaying games within the milieu of the Star Wars franchise, provided some updates during their presentation at the event on March 27th.

They started off their presentation by making sure that everyone was aware that the dock workers’ strike on the west coast has greatly affected their ability to ship merchandise to retailers. Many companies have been hit hard by the port delays and it seems that Fantasy Flight Games was unable to escape them either. This would account for several of their products being delayed past their original expected shipping dates, including the Armada core game, along with its first wave of expansion packs and the next cycle of Force Packs for the Star Wars Living Card Game.

However, these delays appear to be abating as the company did update Force and Destiny: Beginner Gamethe shipping date for Force and Destiny: Beginner Game to April 2015. These RPG beginner boxes are a great way for players who are new to Fantasy Flight Games’ roleplaying mechanics to learn the ropes of playing a character in a pre-built story mission, or playing the game master who leads up to 4 other players in telling the story.

They also announced that the first wave of expansion packs for Imperial Assault will be available this week! For those of you who heard my report for Star Wars Action News about last year’s GenCon, you’ll know that this is probably the best Star Wars game I have ever played. And since Fantasy Flight Games announced yesterday that it was their largest release ever, I don’t think I’m alone in that. Personally, I cannot wait to add these Villain and Ally Packs to my collection further hone my skills in the game’s one-on-one skirmish mode.

Next, Fantasy Flight Games announced the second wave of Imperial Assault expansion packs that are set to ship this summer:

  • Twin Shadows – $39.95
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 – $14.95
  • Kayn Somos – $9.95
  • Boba Fett – $9.95

Twin Shaswi10-boxleftdows is a great-looking boxed set, which includes 4 missions that can either be inserted into the core set’s larger campaign or played separately as a mini-campaign. It also includes 2 new hero figures, 2 new villain types (Heavy Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders) along with a dozen new map tiles to play out the new missions on! And of course there are a slew of cards and tokens to round out the box.

As with the core game, Twin Shadows will introduce characters into the campaign that don’t get fleshed out figures within the box. Instead, you will need to rely on their 2D character tokens when they enter play. However, three new Hero and Villain packs will also be coming so you can have 3D versions of your favorite droids when fighting against the most fearsome Mandalorian in the galaxy. Boba Fett has his own allies too. Kay Somos is a Stormtrooper Commander (shoulder pauldron included) who can help add actions to the other troopers on your map.

The Armada core game is expected to be available at the end of this month with it’s own first wave of ships arriving shortly after. Fantasy Flight Games is really proud of this game and were apparently not content with just the core game and first wave of Rebel and Imperial ship expansions. Soon, we will be treated to Wave 2! Not much is known about these packs yet, but look for more information on these sets soon:

  • Rogues and Villains – a large group of medium-sized ships that include the Falcon and Slave I
  • Mon Calamari Cruiser
  • Mon Calamari Frigate
  • Imperial Raider – this is a ship designed by FFG and was first announced for their X-Wing game


All-in-all, some really exciting stuff here. And yes, they did officially confirm that they will be doing Episode 7 products, but obviously did not go into any detail. Hopefully we will get some glimpses of some new products next month at Star Wars Celebration, though I’m sure that information about The Force Awakens merchandise will be scarce until later this year. Nevertheless, this is a great time to be a Star Wars gamer.

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New Podcast – Marvelicious Toys Issue 135: I Want to Hold Hulk Hand

coverFor Captain America the shield is more than defense–it’s a symbol of America and taking “the American Dream and make it an American reality.” Now, nearly 75 years after first appearing in Captain America Comics #2, Captain America and his shield serve as a symbol, both in the Marvel Universe and in the real world, of strength, idealism, and patriotism. And as seen in The Avengers and the two Captain America movies, it’s pretty darn cool as well!

In 2014 eFX Collectibles’ gave fans their chance to be like Stephen Colbert and put Captain America’s shield on their walls with their Avengers Captain America Shield Prop Replica. A full scale collectible cast from the original molds of the prop used in The Avengers, this eFX prop had been teased for years. Even with an edition size of 1,500 it sold out quickly. But the Marvelicious Toys hosts have one in-hand and review it on this episode!

Also on this show, a quick review of the new Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors figures from Hasbro, a look at the new Thanos and Captain America figures from Hot Toys, and a preview of the new LEGO UCS LEGO set.

So what are you waiting for? Marvelicious Collectors Assemble for this week’s new show!




cache_640x480_images_Galleries_Other Collectibles_EFX Collectibles Avengers Captain America Shield Prop Replica_EFX Collectibles Avengers Captain America Shield Prop Replica Marjorie Posing 02

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New Podcast – Marvelicious Toys Issue 134: We Are Groot

I Am Groot!

With those words the Guardians of the Galaxy’s biggest hero rooted his place in the hearts of Marvel Movie fans. His prowess in battle escaping the prison, his genuine smile during the final battle, and his end-credits dance are all stand-out moments and helped Guardians become the biggest movie of 2014!

Now the hosts of Marvelicious Toys review a handful of toys and collectibles based on the lumbering alien. Funko’s Baby Groot Pop! Vinyl, the animatronic dancing Baby Groot toy, Dragon Models’ life-sized Baby Groot Model Kit, and Gentle Giant’s Groot Holiday Statue — all are given in-depth reviews in this show!

With a bonus review of Funko’s Howard the Duck Pop! Vinyl bobblehead, news on new figures hitting stores, and more, it’s all in this gala issue of Marvelicious Toys!



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