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New Podcast – Marvelicious Toys Issue 138: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder God — HO!

As Age of Ultron draws near the toys are hitting stores hard! Toys R Us and Targets are full of new Marvel Legends…but are they worth buying? On this issue of Marvelicious Toys the Allfather wave of Marvel Legends are reviewed. Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Machine Man, Iron Fist, and Sentry–and get them all to build Odin or King Thor! Watch for reviews of all nine characters!

Also on this week’s show we look at the new releases from Hot Toys, both the Hulk and the Hulkbuster! This new Iron Man armor is the biggest Hot Toys figure in the Marvel line–and the most expensive. Is it worth it? Listen to find out!

With a review of the only Jubilee statue ever made–the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue, a look at the new Age of Ultron trailer, a discussion of the 11-movie Avengers marathon and more! It’s all in this giant-sized Marvelicious Toys!

Arnie C:


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Movie Review: Better Luck Tomorrow — Is This the Prequel to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift?

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Better_luck_tomorrow_poster001Four Asian high school honor students take on illegal extra-curricular activities in Justin Lin’s BETTER LUCK TOMORROW. What starts with cheat sheets quickly escalates to major criminal activities, while our main character Ben starts using cocaine to keep up his grades and gang status.

The high school drama feels honest, with Ben taken with lab partner Stephanie, unsure of his place in the high school hierarchy, and very focused on college and his future. In fact, for the first act of this film I thought that’s all the movie would be–an Asian-American coming of age drama like The Breakfast Club or Almost Famous. When the film takes its second act turn and becomes a crime film it was unexpected, but never felt disingenuous.

I kept trying to anticipate how the film would progress, and I never got it right. Lin’s picture (which he co-wrote) keeps taking unexpected turns, and I was along for the ride.

The cast is uniformly awesome. Shen, likely best known now for his three turns in the Hatchet series, carries the film. Told from his point of view, he’s in every scene. His daily routines reminded me of an Aaronofsky character, but showed his focus on his goals. When the character makes unexpected choices, it’s Shen who makes sense of it.

Jason Tobin plays Virgil. Seemingly the least intelligent and most impulsive member of the gang, Tobin brings a madness and pathos to the role that really added suspense. It really seems Virgil will be the group’s undoing.

Roger Fan’s Derec, the leader of the gang, is charismatic and scheming, but also seems like a good guy. The wrong balance with Derec could turn you against the gang, but Fan plays the balance and even at times seems vulnerable.

And Sung Kang plays Han–the reason I watched this film. Kang would go on to play Han in 3 of Lin’s FAST AND FURIOUS films, and Lin has said it’s the same Han seen in this film. Here Han is not given the focus much, but he is the coolest member of the gang with a pretty nice car. He’d fade into the background were it not for his future collaborations with Lin.

And in a supporting role is the film’s biggest star, John Cho. Primarily known as the “MILF Guy” from American Pie, of course Cho would go on to do the Harold and Kumar films before playing Sulu on Star Trek. Here, as a spoiled rich kid two-timing Stephanie, the object of Ben’s affections, Cho strikes the right notes with a tricky and pretentious character.

The film avoids any stereotypes–these are just high schoolers who happen to be Asian, but they’re all-American kids balancing a bright future with a life of crime and instant gratification.

When the film ended I found myself satisfied. It was a drama film that had elements of crime, not a crime film with elements of drama, but an entertaining and moving watch. RECOMMEND.

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Exclusive podcasts, print and audiobooks offered to supporters


Springfield, Ill. – March 10, 2015 – Having met its $40,000 funding goal in just 10 days, Venganza Media this week entered the final leg of its Kickstarter campaign to finance Underrated Movies We Recommend, the first publishing project from the hosts of Now Playing Podcast.

With 9 days remaining on Kickstarter, Underrated is closing in on a $95,000 stretch goal, which would boost the project from an e-book of 100 movie reviews to a printed copy and audiobook featuring 25 additional reviews. The audiobook is currently among the most requested options from the show’s listeners.

To reach the stretch goal, Now Playing Podcast has increased the incentive to participate, offering new, Kickstarter-exclusive podcasts to the campaign. These exclusive shows include reviews of Stanley Kubrick’s classic A Clockwork Orange and the notorious Olivia Newton-John dud Xanadu, along with previous Now Playing listener poll entries Super 8 and Wes Craven’s Shocker.

In addition to increasing their podcast output, the hosts continue to reveal the films they’ll review in Underrated. So far, 37 titles have been announced and can be viewed on the show’s Kickstarter page.

Venganza’s Underrated Movies We Recommend campaign runs until Thursday, March 19.

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