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The Marvel Shop Returns at NYCC

For Marvel statue and toy collectors attending San Diego Comic Con in July, 2013 the first stop was The Marvel Shop.  Now at New York Comic Con in October 2013 The Marvel Shop returns.  With some exclusives from SDCC making their return as well as brand new NYCC exclusive items, Marvel collectors have more comics, plushies, statues, and more to try and collect!

Images and press release follow:

The Marvel Shop Makes Its East Coast Debut At New York Comic Con With Loads Of Limited Edition Items!


The Marvel booth at New York Comic Con is back! (Booth #1354) Marvel will be taking the event by storm and aims to make this year one to remember! Along with all of the great on-stage panels, creator signings, and special events, Marvel is offering some fantastic new and exclusive merchandise that will be for sale at the booth (while supplies last), including T-shirts, glass tumblers, statues, Blu-ray DVDs and more! Be sure to stop by and check the booth out, as supplies will be limited.


Here is a list of items that will be for sale:


  • Rocket Raccoon Plush by Just Play with Limited Edition Skottie Young Lithograph – Take home your very own cuddly, plush Guardian of the Galaxy. Just don’t call him cuddly to his face.  Each awesome plush also includes a limited edition lithograph illustrated by Skottie Young! (Limited to 1000 pieces): $34.99


  • Glass Tumblers – Enjoy your beverages with these awesome character themed tumblers made exclusively for New York Comic Con. There will be seven different unique designs available. Additionally, each Glass Tumbler will come with a certificate of authenticity. (Limited to 200 pieces for each design) Price: $15.99 each
    • Deadpool by Skottie Young
    • Spider-Man by Skottie Young
    • Thor and Jane Foster from Thor: The Dark World
    • Angela by Sarah Pichelli
    • Superior Spider-Man by Ryan Stegman
    • Hawkeye by David Aja
    • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Scarlet Witch by Adi Granov


  • Zombie Magneto Bust by Gentle Giant – What’s more terrifying than the Master of Magnetism? A Master of Magnetism who feasts on brains! Decorate your home or workspace with this highly detailed zombified Magneto bust designed by Gentle Giant. (Only 300 pieces on hand) Price: $99.00


  • Marvel Unlimited Plus Subscription with access to exclusive Plus Member Only Event – Become a Marvel Unlimited Plus member ($99.99 for one year) and gain access to over 13,000 digital comics, receive an exclusive Age of Ultron Collectible Kit, members only discounts on Marvel merchandise & comics, & more! All comics can be read digitally on the web or via the Marvel Unlimited app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® & Android devices).  The exclusive Age of Ultron Collectible Kit features a limited edition Marvel Legends Ultron AU variant action figure, Age of Ultron #10 variant, (both not available anywhere else) AND your very own membership card and welcome letter.

Marvel Unlimited Plus Members also have the opportunity to attend a Plus members-only event where Plus members can receive an exclusive Captain America: Living Legend variant by John Cassaday and Steve McNiven Inhumanity lithograph! MU Plus members will even be given a 10% discount on all Marvel merchandise purchases from the Marvel booth during New York Comic Con.

    • Marvel Unlimited Plus event open to Marvel Unlimited Plus members only.  Must have event pass and valid 3-day, 4-day or Sunday New York Comic Con pass for entry.   Event badges do not guarantee access to Plus Member event.  John Cassaday variant and Steve McNiven lithograph available while supplies last.
    • 10% offer valid only from 10/10/13 – 10/13/13.  MU Plus members must provide membership card and valid photo I.D at the merchandise booth to receive 10% off of their entire Marvel merchandise purchase.


  • Mighty Avengers #2 Cosplay Variant by J. Scott Campbell –  Superstar artist J. Scott Campbell brings you some of your favorite female Avengers characters as they get ready to cosplay at NYCC! (Only 2,000 copies printed) Price: $10.00


  • Superior Foes of Spider-Man #4 Variant by Gurihuru – Gurihuru puts the Spider-Man up against his worst enemies – or rather ponies dressed as his worst enemies! This is a must own for any Spider-Man fan! (Only 2,000 copies printed) Price: $10.00


  • Phase 1 Marvel Cinematic Universe Blu-Ray Collector’s Set w/ limited-edition 24 x 36 Marvel’s The Avengers theatrical homage poster by Skottie Young. – Bring home a piece of cinema history with Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Blu-Ray! This collector’s set includes all six Avenger’s films from Phase One and other amazing collectibles. But wait, there’s more. We are also including a limited edition theatrical homage poster as a special gift with purchase for anyone who buys the Box Set at the Marvel booth. This limited edition poster is illustrated by Skottie Young and is hand-numbered. (Only 150 sets on-hand) Price: $150.00


  • Iron Man Statues by Beast Kingdom – Celebrate the unprecedented success of the Iron Man trilogy and decorate your home or office space with these unique Iron Man statues from Beast Kingdom! Limited quantities of each will be available at the convention. This marks one of the first times these statues are for sale by Marvel in the United States! Price: $80.00 each. There will be four Marks available:
    • Iron Man Mark V (20 statues on-hand)
    • War Machine (63 statues on-hand)
    • Iron Man Mark VI (75 statues on-hand)
    • Iron Man Mark 42 (75 statues on-hand)


  • Marvel Logo Cap by New Era – Show your love of all things Marvel with this exclusive 59FIFTY fitted cap from New Era featuring the Marvel logo. (Only 250 pieces available) Price: $29.99


  • Thor: The Dark World Cast & Crew Tee Exclusive Loki Fan Variant – Celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ next blockbuster Thor: The Dark World with this exclusive cast & crew variant tee available only at NYCC! The unique periodic table design spotlights major characters from the film, including everyone’s favorite God of Mischief – Loki! Don’t miss your chance to take home a your own piece of Thor: The Dark World. (Limited to 399 pieces total. Available in men & women’s sized) Price: $34.99


  • Lucky’s On the Case T-Shirt by David Aja – Straight from the pages of Hawkeye comes everyone’s favorite crime solving, pizza loving canine. Don’t miss your chance to own this exclusive design available only at New York Comic-Con! (Limited to 400 pieces total. Available in men & women’s sizes) Price: $19.99


  • Rocket Raccoon & Groot T-Shirt by Skottie Young – Get ready for the release of next summer’s Marvel Studios’ blockbuster film Guardians of the Galaxy, with this limited-edition Rocket & Groot t-shirt featuring art by fan-favorite artist Skottie Young! (Limited to 500 pieces total. Available in men & women’s sizes) Price: $19.99


  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ‘Coulson Lives!’ T-Shirt – Coulson Lives! Support everyone’s favorite agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with a brand new t-shirt from Marvel Television’s first live action show airing Tuesday nights on the ABC network! (Limited to 550 pieces total. Available in men & women’s sizes) Price: $19.99


  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Bus” Blueprint –  You may not be able to own the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s flying headquarters known as “the Bus”, but you can own this limited-edition, hand numbered blueprint. Learn the ins and outs of the Agent’s mobile command center and bring home your own piece of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Only 300 copies printed) Price: $12.99


  • Captain America Hooded Scarf – Stay warm this winter and dress like you’re the Sentinel of Liberty himself with a hooded scarf designed to look like your favorite Avenger. Each scarf comes emblazoned with Captain America’s iconic “A” and wings so you can battle the Red Skull…or frostbite. (Limited to 100 units) Price: $24.99

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Former Marvel Exclusive Figures Now At

383698EE50569047F5BA3EC67C4B107CSome of the hardest to find figures in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe toy line are now available at a bargain price through Hasbro’s own web site.

These figures, Nick Fury, X-Force Archangel, and the unmasked Dr. Victor von Doom figures, were formerly only available to subscribers of Marvel Comics Digital Comics Unlimited service, a program that allowed comics fans access to thousands of comics for reading on the web.  This service cost about $60 per year, which is a bargain for comics fans but a high price for action figure collectors who wanted the figure but not the digital comics.

More, this Digital Comics Unlimited service was only available to United States citizens with a credit card in order to pay.  Due to the high cost and limited availability of these figures, each has sold for well over $100 each on eBay.

But this past week Hasbro Marvel Universe figure collectors have rejoiced as all three of these exclusive figures have shown up for sale on Hasbro’s online sales site at $14.99 each, limit 2 per person.

The Marvel collecting podcast Marvelicious Toys contacted Hasbro for information on why these figures have been made available.  Hasbro Public Relations Representative Joe Moscone told Marvelicious, “One figure was offered each year and only in that year. Now that the digital comic offer has passed, Hasbro has the great fortune of being able to offer a small number of these limited edition figures to our fans and collectors.”

This left a question as to the fourth exclusive figure in this line.  Originally promoted at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 Hasbro and Marvel were supposed to offer an exclusive Old Man Logan figure, based on the Mark Millar Wolverine comics.  While Hasbro gave a small number of these figures to the press at New York Comic Con in October, 2012 both Hasbro and Marvel have been quiet about a wider release of this figure.  With Marvel rebranding their Digital Comics Unlimited service to just Marvel Unlimited, some have wondered if this figure will see release at all.

When asked about Old Man Logan, Moscone replied “We will not be offering the Old Man Logan figure for sale [through], but stay tuned for news from Marvel on this figure in the coming months.”

As of this writing the X-Force Archangel and unmasked Victor von Doom figures have sold out, but the Nick Fury figure remains in stock at

For collectors still after the Doom and Archangel figures, the online availability of these figures has not caused much of a drop in aftermarket prices.  A check on eBay shows sellers listing Archangel for $70 and higher, while Doom figures start around $40.00  Knowing HasbroToyShop may put more back in stock later due to additional inventory or returned sales, Marvelicious Toys recommends you follow them on Facebook and Twitter and they will post if these toys are again available.  Marvelicious Toys’ social media outlets were among the first to report when these figures were made available at HasbroToyShop.

You can hear the Marvelicious Toys podcast hosts Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie discuss toys, statues, games, and other collectibles based on Marvel Comics and movies every Wednesday at



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Avengers Superbowl Trailer – A Frame By Frame Analysis

Avengers Movie Logo

When The Avengers trailer aired during the Super Bowl, and then an extended version was posted online I had to scour it for clues as to what this movie will bring.  Frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer gave me these insights to the blockbuster film due out May 4.

Click any of the images for a larger view.

First, Dr. Pepper is a sponsor of The Avengers film.

In the opening Marvel flip-book opening, Black Bolt can be briefly seen... Black Bolt is a member of the Inhumans. Perhaps a clue to the film's villian?


Quinjets are quite a bit larger than standard fighters


Loki has a flying a hover motorcycle. But what force is he commanding?


A close-up of the ships flying behind Loki


Captain America's cumberbund has a zip-up front. Not sure where the zipper ends though.


Tony Stark listens to classic rock. Iron Man perhaps?


Tony Stark's ARC reactor gets an upgrade. Looks much cooler under the shirt.

Then the suit Tony is donning is the new Mark VII armor.


But the Mark VI is in this film as well. My guess--it gets demolished by one of Loki's troops or maybe Hulk and Tony is forced to upgrade.


Whatever those flying things are, they are after Iron Man as well.


ScarJo looks good when covered in sweat. (Ok, this one may be a bit gratuitous)


Chris Hemsworth has a much better wig in Avengers than he did in Thor. Or are these extensions?


Are these Frost Giants I see leaping the chasm? Hard to tell but I think they are...


A close-up of the possible Frost Giant


The Mark VII armor has big jets on the back and just looks very cool!


But what are these strange aircraft that Iron Man is fighting? Looks kind of like Independence Day.

Another shot of the strange craft Iron Man is fighting.


The Mark VII armor is back to the circle ARC Reactor. It's not a mistake on the toys.


The wings airbrushed on Cap's mask look a bit silly...I see why people have problems with Cap's modern outfit.


They really made Hulk look like a beefed-up Mark Ruffalo


And Hulk gets to smash some of those enemy aircraft with his fists. Yes!


With all these juicy tidbits about The Avengers I know where I’ll be May 4th.  The only question will be how many times I see it?

What was your favorite part of the trailer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Hasbro to Make First Appearance at New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con LogoHasbro Logo






Hasbro issued a press release today stating that Hasbro will make a first time appearance at New York Comic Con at the Javits Convention Center in New York City from October 13-16 to present many of its iconic brands and meet with fans.

Hasbro will have a significant booth presence featuring current and upcoming products from its Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem and the Holograms, KRE-O brands aas well as from Hasbro’s  Beyblade, Marvel and Star Wars toy lines. Additionally, Hasbro will host panels for several of its properties and action figure lines as well as offer for sale several special edition products made for New York Comic Con convention goers.

When asked for clarification on the products, Justin Aclin, of Hunter PR representing Hasbro, stated “There will be exclusive items available at the con through a segment of the booth, although we’re not ready to reveal what those are just yet.”  Aclin also confirmed that, contrary to rumor, the sold out San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items, such as the Star Wars Death Star figure set, will not be available for sale at the show.

“Hasbro is looking forward to an exciting and substantial presence for its first ever participation in New York Comic Con,” said Jeff Jackson, vice president of U.S. marketing for Hasbro. “As this show continues to grow we’re thrilled to be attending this year to offer our fans the opportunity to engage with Hasbro’s brands in unique ways at both the convention and NYCC Kids! events.”

More details about Hasbro’s booth, panels, special edition New York Comic-Con figures and other special events at the convention will be released in the coming weeks. Hasbro will be located at booth #302. For more information about New York Comic Con, fans and families can visit

You can discuss New York Comic Con in the Star Wars Action News forums!

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