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Resident Evil

In 1995 Paul W.S. Anderson scored a major hit with Mortal Kombat, a box office hit grossing more than double any other video game adaptations. In 2002 Capcom hoped Anderson could beat his own high score with Resident Evil. Based on the zombie survival-horror game, this movie brought the game’s iconography and added some martial arts action. The movie was a success and launched the longest-running video game movie franchise. But is this a movie you want to watch, or just play? Join Justin, Stuart, and Arnie to find out!

Arnie C:


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Issue 177: Toys of Future Past 2016

Hasbro Marvel Toys — each year they seem to outdo the last. From the Absorbing Man wave through the Sandman wave, there have been dozens of new Legends figures. Plus several waves of the 3.75-inch figures, high-end role play items, a new 12-inch Legends line, Hasbro has been killing it this year!On this first 2016 Year-in-Review show join Arnie, Justin, and Marjorie as they are joined by Jerry, Geof, and Marvel Toy’s Dabid as they look back at the best, and the worst, the year had to offer!Then come back in 2 weeks for Part 2 of the discussion!

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