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Marvel Madness Elite 8 – Vision vs Thor

R3M2 - Vision vs Thor


Hulk was the first hero in March Marvel Madness’ Elite 8, having little more trouble beating Black Panther than he did Deathlok. Meanwhile, in a battle of the armored Avengers, Iron Man came out on top.

Now Hulk and Iron Man face off in the first match of the Elite 8. Who makes it to the Final 4? Vote now to choose!


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1 Comment

  1. VISION can use thors hammer. he has an infinity gem. thor has something going on with him to where he has slight trouble with his hammer. to the idiots that cant see how vision wouldnt beat thor, go watch age of ultron again and tell me thor wins. i challenge you

    Comment by sir_greek | April 2, 2016

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