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Hasbro’s Star Wars Fans’ Choice Poll — Round 2 Starts Now



Star Wars Action News’ participation in Hasbro’s 2015 Fans’ Choice action figure poll nears completion!

As announced Monday, Hasbro has started a new poll where Star Wars fans and collectors pick which figure is made for the company’s new 6-inch Black Series line of Star Wars figures.

Star Wars Action News was invited to poll their fans on which characters they wanted.  Round 1 was a completely open nomination form, and over 70 different figures were nominated.  Of all the figures requested, the single figure with the most nominations was Ackmena, the singing cantina owner from the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special.  In a close second place was Brea Tonnika — a background character in the cantina from first Star Wars film.

The top 30 nominees have been taken into Round 2 of voting!  Here each Star Wars fan chooses the one figure they want most in 6-inch plastic form.  This second round of voting ends Monday, June 29th, and then the five characters with the most votes will be submitted to Hasbro.


The first 20 characters were picked from the first round of nominations:

Brea Tonnika
Obi-Wan Kenobi (A New Hope)
Admiral Ackbar
ARC Trooper Commander Colt
Gamorrean Guard
Asajj Ventress (Dark Diciple)
Lando Calrissian (Jabba’s Skiff Guard)
Momaw Nadon
Grand Moff Tarkin (A New Hope)
Darth Maul (Robot Legs)
Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)
General Grievous (4-arms)
Ponda Baba
Mara Jade
Ephant Mon
Republic Commando
Blue Snaggletooth

The other 51 characters nominated received only 1 vote each, so the Star Wars Action News team, including podcast hosts Arnie and Marjorie Carvalho, reporters Brock, Johnathan Brenner, Justin Kozisek and Steve “The Ginger Prince” Nixon, video editor Andrew Harrison, and photo editors Jay Fazio and Curtis Stevenson.  From the 51 chosen characters the panel selected 10 figures:


Darth Talon
Darth Nihilus
Dexter Jettster
Admiral Piett
Yak Face
Grand Admiral Thrawn


Which of these 30 characters is your top pick as a new Black Series 6-inch figure?  Vote now in the Star Wars Action News forums!

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Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Wolverine – Premium Format Figure




Sideshow is the best there is at what they do…and what they do is make incredibly detailed quarter-scale statues!

The next offer from Sideshow is the Premium Format Wolverine!  This statue goes back to the character’s first solo series — the Japan saga by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, a longtime fan favorite story that defined the character for decades and even inspired the movie The Wolverine.

This Sideshow statue shows Logan atop a snow-capped bridge that is riddled by enemy arrow-fire.  With the base this short X-Man stands 20-inches tall!

The statue also comes with swappable heads so you can display him masked or unmasked, both with fierce, feral expressions.  And if you hurry to get Sideshow’s Exclusive Edition you can swap his right hand as well – show him with adamantium claws drawn or with the exclusive Muramasa Blade accessory!

You can check out detailed 360-degree photos, close-ups and more at Sideshow’s site, so go check it out!  (And if your wallet has a mutant healing factor, place your order!)

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