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Psycho II by Robert Bloch

Hitchcock’s Psycho became such a phenomenal success that it all but obscured the novel on which it was based. But in 1982 original Psycho author Robert Bloch returned to Norman Bates in his novel Psycho II. Completely unrelated to the 1983 film of the same name, Bloch’s book tells of a movie studio adapting Norman Bates’ story to the big screen. When Norman hears about this he is none too happy and he goes to Hollywood. Now Stuart reads and reviews Bloch’s original continuation of Bates’ story as he continues to read the Psycho novels while at Now Playing Podcast he, Arnie, and Brock review the Psycho films! Those movie reviews are Now Playing’s limited-availability Fall 2013 Gold Donation Series, but here, unlimited, you can hear Stuart’s thoughts on the book! Take a listen, then go to Now Playing Podcast before October 31, 2013 to hear the movie reviews!
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