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Cougar Town Returns Feb 14

This Valentine’s Day, snuggle up on the couch, grab a glass of wine, and turn on ABC at 8:30 EST because Cougar Town is back!

I realize you may have other plans for that night which may involve a dinner out, but dinners can be rescheduled.  Cougar Town‘s return is an event worth staying in for.

Cougar Town is a sitcom created by Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel originally envisioned as a show starring Courtney Cox as a 40-something divorcee reentering the dating world by dating younger men–hence the title.  But as Cougar Town beings its third season it bares little resemblance to its original pitch line.  Realizing the strengths of the supporting cast the show has evolved to a concept much harder to sum up.  But despite the lack of a pitch line, Cougar Town 2.0 is one of the funniest shows on television.

Echoing Lawrence’s previous series Scrubs, Cougar Town has a strong supporting cast of characters.  All played by actors recognizable from previous works, the characters all have charm and wit but the chemistry between the characters allows for both laughs and genuine, touching moments.

The ABC sitcom Cougar Town has struggled in the ratings its first two seasons, and when the network announced their Cougar-less 2011 Fall schedule fans were worried.  While ABC assured viewers that Cougar Town would be back as a midseason replacement, the future seemed dark when ABC cut Cougar Town‘s season order from 22 to 15 episodes.  However the show never strayed far in fans’ minds as the creators Tweeted regularly giving updates on the show and even throwing parties that allowed fans to see Season 3 episodes early (and drink for free).

But now that the show is back the fan enthusiasm must stay strong, and Lawrence and Biegel’s fan push is continuing as well.  Lawrence wrote on his Twitter page that he is trying to find a sponsor to send bottles of wine to all fans who stay in Valentine’s Day and watch Cougar Town.  And Biegel said that any group of 25 or more who has their own Cougar Town viewing party will receive free penny cans, signed scripts, and maybe even some series stars to Skype with their fans.

Tips for throwing your own Cougar Town party

But a show this good shouldn’t need such gimmicks to stay on the air, and from the two episodes previewed at the Chicago viewing party, this season appears to be the best yet.  With plenty of cameos from Scrubs alumni as well as a season premiere surprise that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day airing.

I highly recommend you check out Cougar Town.

And if you absolutely must go out on February 14th, at least do yourself and your loved ones a favor and set your DVR!


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