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Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow Collectibles’ Sentinel Maquette



Last year Sideshow Collectibles released their gorgeous, giant Galactus Maquette.  Now they have given Galactus a companion — The X-Men killer Sentinel robot!

This killer was originally conceived by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and has become a staple in X-Men stories including the recent film X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Three stories tall with tons of mutant-killing gadgets, these robots mean business!

Now Sideshow gives this character a giant collectible worthy of its fictional stature.  Standing 32-inches tall, weighing 20 lbs, this Maquette has a representation of the character in his classic purple and blue color scheme.  Plus he has light-up hands and swap-out heads with both classic and modern looks.

You can see a review of the Galactus Maquette in Marvelicious Toys Issue 99 and check out hundreds of photos in the Marvelicious Toys Photogallery.  This Sentinel is bound to have the same quality, and no X-Men fan’s collection will be complete without it!

A payment plan is available as low as $81 per month, so don’t wait, get your order in now at Sideshow Collectibles!

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Pre-Order Alert: We have a (Gray) Hulk from Sideshow Collectibles




Hulk has always been one to change colors.  The original Stan Lee vision for Hulk was that he would be gray in color, and he was in his first appearance in Incredible Hulk #1.  Printing process limitations had Hulk turn green for issue 2, and green he stayed for 20 years–until Incredible Hulk issue 324 when writer Allen Milgrom changed the character to a slightly weaker, smarter, and gray version.

Gray Hulk persisted into a spotlight run of Hulk comics written by Peter David and illustrated by up-and-coming artist Todd McFarlane (whatever happened to that guy?).  Incredible art and even better writing combined to turn Hulk into Joe Fixit and several other incarnations before David turned him Green once more.

In the years since Gray Hulk has made several memorable cameos and appearances, and now he can appear in your collection!  Sideshow Collectibles put up for pre-order the Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure, completing the trio of Hulk statues.

Hulk1Page01Like the others, this statue is 20-inches tall, weighs a hefty 20 pounds, and has detailed sculpting with a unique Gray Hulk head.  But if you get the exclusive edition you get an extra accessory not found elsewhere — an orange shirt inspired by Hulk’s first story in Incredible Hulk #1 (pictured right).  I checked with Sideshow and this shirt is removable so if you get the exclusive version you can display him topless or in his torn orange shirt.

So hurry and get your pre-order for Gray Hulk in today!

If you want other Hulks, the Red Hulk Exclusive Premium Format Figure has less than 10 remaining before it is sold out!  It is limited to 500 pieces so you’ll have a truly limited collectible.  The Green Hulk Exclusive Figure’s edition size has yet to be determined but is still available for order.

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