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Toy Fair 2018 Roundup — Marvel & Movies Come to Life with Mezco

The clear winner of Best in Show for Toy Fair 2018 is Mezco.  Their One:12 series of Marvel figures is entering its third year, and Mezco unveiled some truly awesome and surprising upcoming releases!

On display at the Javitz center were some figures we’d seen before at San Diego Comic-Con, such as the Gladiator Hulk and Thor from Thor: Ragnarok, and the Spider-Man in his homemade suite from Homecoming.  New additions to the line however include Black Panther with his movie-style outfit. The silver accents and the detail in the black outfit really make this six-inch figure stand out!

Also new in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was revealed Hela–Mezco’s first female Marvel One:12 figure!  She comes with her large headdress and a Cate Blanchett likeness that is downright perfect.  My only hope for this figure would be an alternate head (or variant released) without the helmet.

Similarly, in the Marvel Television Universe, three figures were shown. Daredevil is coming in both his Season One black outfit and his season two red. And also from Daredevil Season Two (and his own series) comes The Punisher. He is wearing an armored chestplate, and has an amazing beat-up Jon Bernthal likeness.

For comic-based Marvel fans, though, there was some real excitement! Revealed at the show were two new mutant figures, Cyclops and his son from the future, Cable!  Cyclops is in his classic yellow-and-blue outfit, and the soft goods fit the figure perfectly. The shade of blue is spot-on with the ’90s version of the character.

Cable is on a much larger buck than usual, and has more solid plastic than soft goods from what I could see. The robotic arm has incredible sculpting detail, and he is a good size to stand among your other One:12 figures without dwarfing them!

Finally, for horror movie fans of Now Playing Podcast some of Mezco’s horror line of One:12 figures were revealed. They continued their look into the many iterations of Jason (leaving me hoping for a Jason X in the near future!), plus Michael Myers and Ash from Evil Dead 2.  I did ask if a Pinhead might be joining this One:12 series soon. Mezco has the Hellraiser rights (as shown with their large figure and fuzzy-dice puzzle boxes).  Drake could not confirm Pinhead being slated for the line, but he gave me hope stating, “I’m not saying no…”

Two surprising reveals included John Wick–with an uncanny Keanu Reeves likeness.  With the third film, and a TV series, in production there seem to be several companies looking to light the fuse on this new action star.

Plus–in the single most incredible valut-pull I saw at Toy Fair, they are making a One:12 figure of Diabolik from the 1968 film Danger: Diabolik! This is a movie championed in Now Playing’s book Underrated Movies we Recommend and to see the John Phillip Law character realized in six inches was nothing short of astonishing.

Check out our video and photo coverage of Mezco below, and be sure to follow Marvelicious Toys for updates and reviews as these products start to ship!

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Pre-Order Alert: Mezco’s One:12 Captain America (Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Red Skull Announced)



There was no contest.  Marvelicious Toys’ winner of “Best in Show” for the 2016 Toy Fair International was Mezco and their One:12 line of highly articulated 1/12th scale action figures.

Now the first Marvel Superhero in that figure line is available for pre-order:  Captain America

This new figure line has these classic Marvel characters in their comic book incarnations. But with what Mezco calls “Hyper-realistic portraits”, 32-points of articulation, fabric uniforms with special silk screening applications, and sculpted accessories like belt, gloves, harness, and boots, this is a 6-inch figure like no other.

Plus the Captain America figure is loaded with accessories.  This first release has

  • Standard helmeted portrait
  • Unmasked Steve Rogers Portrait
  • Fists (L&R)
  • “Thumbs Up” hand (L)
  • Saluting hand (R)
  • Pointing hand (R)
  • Posing hands (L&R)
  • Holding hands (L&R)
  • Shield throwing hands (L&R)
  • Shield with magnetic attachments
  • Harness with magnetic attachment
  • Knife (fits in sheath on the boot)
  • Grenade set (can clip onto the back of the belt)
  • Interchangeable pouch and canteen (can clip onto the belt)
  • Display base with posing post

Each figure is packaged in a deluxe, fifth panel window box with translucent acetate slipcover. Designed for collector convenience, the packaging allows for both maximum protection as well as ease of removal for display.

We know this line will expand fast.  Three different versions of Captain America were displayed at Toy Fair, and this is the first opened for order. Plus just earlier today Mezco revealed their plans for Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Red Skull figures in this line!

Mezco-Deadpool-ONE-12-Collective-Figure-Preview-640x375 Mezco-Marvel-Universe-ONE-12-Collective-Sneak-Peeks-640x427 Mezco-Spider-Man-One-12-Collective-Action-Figure-640x640 One-12-Collective-Red-Skull-Figure-Mezco-640x640

Previous Mezco One:12 releases, like their Spock and Batman, have pre-sold out and already command top dollar on the secondary market. So if you want to jump into this new line, you can order direct from Mezco today!

Watch our booth tour and interview with Mezco about thier One:12 line on the Marvelicious Toys YouTube channel

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