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Gentle Giant Announces SDCC Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Mini-Bust!



Every year since obtaining the Marvel license for mini-busts in 2011 Gentle Giant has released an animal-related San Diego Comic-Con International exclusive.  First in 2011 was Squirrelpool.  In 2012 came Thor Frog.  In 2013 we were given Spider-Ham.

But in 2014, with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie opening one week after Comic-Con, one Marvel animal was the obvious choice for this year’s exclusive–Rocket Raccoon.

Unlike the previous animal releases, however, Rocket is a full-sized mini-bust standing almost 5 inches tall, and coming in at the regular $70 retail price.

This item will be available for sale (and, with the upcoming film, likely really hard to get) at San Diego Comic-Con, but if you’re in Gentle Giant’s Premiere Guild you can pre-order him now and have him shipped to your door!  Even if you’re going to the convention, given the heat on this furry guy this summer I highly suggest pre-ordering and quickly–Gentle Giant’s McQuarrie Luke Skywalker Mini-Bust has pre-sold out and I expect Rocket will do the same!


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Scary Savings on Marvel Mini-Busts at Gentle Giant through Nov 4

Gentle Giant just posted a new sale on Marvel mini-busts, and they have some deals so good they’re scary!



First, if you’re a Deadpool fan, you can really save on the Deadpool Bundle!  If you get the Deadpool Corps Boxed Set you get Lady Deadpool free!  I only bought Lady Deadpool because of the Deadpool Coprs, and I paid full price, so this is some considerable savings (given that Lady Deadpool likely should have been part of the Corps to begin with).  Or you can get the Lady Deadpool Mini-Bust (formerly an AFX Exclusive) for only $39.00–almost half off.


Next, if you’re a fan of the Wolverine/Black Cat: Claws series, this is a deal for you… buy one of the Wolverine mini-busts (Brown or Yellow) and get the Black Cat mini-bust free!  Or you can get the Black Cat Mini-Bust alone for just $39.00

There’s even more, such as the White outfit Black Widow mini-bust for $39.00 (down from $70), and 20% off all in-stock merchandise orders of over $100 (Exclusives, Pre-Orders, and a few select items excluded).

Best still, Gentle Giant has finally updated their shopping cart software so you can order more than one in-stock item per order to increase the savings and save shipping!

These deals are only good until November 4th, 2013 so check them out now at Gentle Giant’s Sale site.



Arnie is co-host of the Marvel toy & statue collecting podcast Marvelicious Toys which can be heard at

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