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Update – Chewbacca out of Wave 4 Case, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett Back in


Chewbacca will no longer be part of Hasbro’s Star Wars 6-Inch Black Series figure line.  The Episode III Obi-Wan figure is also no longer included.  Instead the wave will include carry-forwards of the hard to find 6-inch Boba Fett and Stormtrooper figures.

We first reported the rumor that Wave 4 of Hasbro’s 6-Inch Black Series action figure line may not have Chewie included.  This wave was originally solicited as three new fligures (Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, and a Clone Trooper) plus one carry-forward (the truly awful Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi, watch our review of this figure on Star Wars Action News Episode 421).  Per the rumor, Lucasfilm did not like Chewie’s hunched pose in the small window box and the figure may be delayed until the new blue and black, taller window box was used.

Now has revealed that rumor was true, Chewbacca will not be included in Wave 4.  Instead of Chewbacca and Ob-Wan Hasbro has included the two hardest to find figures in this line:  Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper.  Clearly this will help fans get these figures at retail pricing.  With the Stormtrooper and Clone Trooper in this wave it’s possible Boba Fett may even become common as troop builders, buying multiples of just those two figures, leave droves of the bounty hunter behind.

Are you excited by this change, or upset at Chewbacca’s delay?  Let us know in the comments below!

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RUMOR: Could Chewbacca Delay 6-Inch Black Series Wave 4?


Star Wars Chewbacca - Bent Knees Package

Could Hasbro have a problem with Chewbacca?  That is the word that comes to us from a reliable source in the UK.  Please note everything in this article should be taken as rumor until confirmation from Hasbro.

At Toy Fair International 2014 Hasbro announced the new package for the Star Wars Black Series figures.  At the time they said the new box with the larger window area allowed for inclusion of taller figures into the line, such as Darth Vader and, yes, Chewbacca.  But even with the new box design the Chewbacca figure, based on actor Peter Mayhew’s 7′ 2″ height, had to be squeezed in, his knees and legs bent to fit in the space allotted.  As Han Solo might say “I don’t think they had wookiees in mind when they designed her.”

Per our source, this odd posturing of Solo’s hirsute companion had originally been approved by Hasbro’s partners at Lucasfilm Licensing, but now they have reconsidered and dictated that Hasbro needs to find another way to let the wookiee in.

Chewbacca was intended to be one of three new figures in Wave 4 of this action figure line, along with an Episode II Clone Trooper and Episode III Anakin Skywalker.  That wave was expected to ship to stores and online retailers in the next 2 months.  Per our source, that wave may now need to be delayed.

However, this may end up being good news for Star Wars collectors.  Rather than delay the entire wave, our source tells us that they may ship Wave 4 as planned, but replace Chewbacca with an older figure in the line, and the top two choices being considered are Wave 2’s Boba Fett and Wave 3’s Stormtrooper.  Both figures have been difficult to find at retail and secondary market prices have been high, so a rerelease of either figure would be welcome relief for struggling Star Wars fans.

Once more, all of this is unconfirmed rumor at this time, but we wanted to make you aware as soon as we could.  Obviously the final news will be known if/when this wave is delayed, reconfigured, or if Chewbacca shows up in a radically different pose than Hasbro’s pre-release promotional photos.

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