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Silent Hill: Revelation – Early Release for Patrons

This podcast was released early for Now Playing Patrons of $25 or more.  It will be made publicly available on our usual “new podcast” day, Tuesday, November 13.

It’s homecoming weekend in Silent Hill, as teenage runaway Sharon reunites with her darkside doppelganger Alessa for a 2012 sequel in 3-D!  Will the Revelation that cultists have kidnapped adoptive father Sean Bean provide a good reason for moviegoers to head back into the fog and solve new puzzles? And is Game of Thrones hunk Kit Harington much help in the fight against Pyramid Head, a lunatic Malcolm McDowell, and a staff of faceless demon nurses?  Find out when you take another merry-go-round ride on the Now Playing Arcade!

November 12, 2018 - Posted by | News

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