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Mulholland Dr

After Twin Peaks’ inglorious end it seemed a safe assumption that David Lynch and the ABC network were through with each other. Yet in the late ’90s ABC hired Lynch to make a pilot for a new TV series–Mullholland Dr.  The series wasn’t picked up, but Lynch filmed a new ending and the result was one of his most acclaimed films. So take the key, open the box, and join the Now Playing hosts as they analyze this surreal mystery movie!

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Welcome to Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town by Mark Frost

By the time Welcome to Twin Peaks was released ABC was already telling that town “Goodbye.” The series’ cancellation had been announced but the tie-in merchandising continued with this pamphlet that is a guidebook to the sights, places, flora, and fauna of Twin Peaks. What does this book add to the mythology of the series? And does its fictitious maps and places match up with any of the real filming locations? Join Arnie and Stuart for this review for those answers!

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