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Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow Premium Format Daredevil, Hot Toys Iron Man Busts Series 2

300169-daredevil-003It’s Thursday, and that means new Marvel pre-orders from Sideshow Collectibles!  Today they put up for pre-order a long-awaited new Premium Format Figure and eight new Iron Man armors from Hot Toys!

For the Premium Format Figure we have — Daredevil!  While some classic Marvel characters like Captain America, the Red Skull, and Hulk are getting their second Premium Format statues (technically Hulk is on his 4th, not counting Skaar!)  Daredevil, despite being a long-time comic book favorite and an original Stan Lee creation, has never gotten the quarter scale treatment.  I have seen many people on Sideshow’s Twitter feed, Facebook page, and site comments asking when ol’ hornhead would finally get the devil’s due.  The answer is today–Sideshow has finally put a Daredevil Premium Format Figure up for pre-order!

Showing the classic hero in his red outfit, Daredevil is in a striking action pose, mid-strike, holding his billy clubs in one hand and ready to throw a punch with the other.  He stands 17-inches tall and weighs 12 lbs, and is expected to ship in March, 2015.

Surprisingly there is no exclusive edition of this figure.  While Daredevil doesn’t have the gadgets of some heroes, I thought an unmasked portrait or swap-out hand would be a given.  Even in cases where there were no accessories Sideshow would often make an exclusive edition with an art print.  However there is only one version of Daredevil here.  (Though, given their recent repaints of Premium Format Figures like Deadpool, Storm, the Stormtrooper, and 3 different Hulk paint jobs, I would not be surprised in 2-3 months to see a Yellow-clad Daredevil Premium Format show up in an extremely limited edition).

902199-product-feature-740x448But if you prefer your heroes in armor, Hot Toys has 8 new Iron Man collectibles for you!  Continuing to rock the House Party Protocol, Hot Toys has put up for pre-order Series 2 of their sixth-scale collectible busts.  Seven of these busts are available for order individually–the Mark VII, Mark 20-Python, Mark 22-Hot Rod, Mark 23-Shades, Mark 27-Disco, Mark 28-Jack, and Mark 40-Shotgun.  However if you order the set of 8 you get an exclusive bust unavailable for individual purchase–the holographic light-up Mark XLII!  (is it me or does the Disco armor look like Mystique with a mohawk?)  You can pre-order this set now and it’s expected to ship in January, 2015!

And as always thank you for using our affiliate links to support the Marvelicious Toys podcast!

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The Next Wave of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends are Revealed

10335752_638825169527632_1176145494_nAt Toy Fair International, 2014 Hasbro revealed the first three waves of their new (more expensive) Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures, those being Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy–each wave tying directly in with a theatrical Marvel film’s release.  But in my interview with Dwight Stall (which you can hear in Issue 110 of the Marvelicious Toys Podcast) a secret wave of Legends was teased.

It appears we now have confirmation that wave is going to be X-Men themed, and contain several figures that were cancelled from previous waves.

We received the image on the right from Marvelicious Toys listener John Classified.  A shot taken from a Japanese catalog shows the X-Men themed wave will have Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Stryfe, Marvel NOW Cyclops, and the build-a-figure appears to be the long-awaited Jubilee!

This release makes perfect sense.  Many of these figures, including Stryfe and Jubilee, were shown at the Hasbro booth display at San Diego Comic-Con.  The toolings were complete, Hasbro just needed a retail outlet to distribute the figures.  And with the release of the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past an X-Men themed wave of figures seemed not only logical but inevitable.

More, unlike the Marvel Studios films, such as Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Avengers,  where Marvel Comics and Hasbro work together to make figures representing the on-screen looks for these heroes, in recent years when 20th Century Fox puts out a Marvel movie the toys are always comic based.  Hasbro only released 4 limited articulation, comic based figures to capitalize on last year’s film The Wolverine.  And when I asked at Toy Fair in 2011 about figures for the film X-Men: First Class I was told that Marvel would make toys for their First Class, the comic book series, not the film.

So clearly this wave is great for X-Men fans and Legends collectors alike.  I’m excited to see Hasbro finding ways to get some of these “in limbo” Legends figures out for retail.

But the final question remains…could it be possible for the Pheonix Five Cyclops to be a variant for Marvel NOW Cyclops?  One can hope.

We’ll report as soon as we hear, so please follow us at Marvelicious Toys and subscribe to our podcast for all the latest updates!

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