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The Mangler

Workers keep dying at the Blue Ribbon Laundry Service, chewed up by The Mangler–a giant industrial laundry press. Is the machine broken, or is it possessed by a demon? Directed by Tobe Hooper and starring Robert Englund and Ted Levine, the film has horror icons on screen and behind the scenes. Can their combined talent make the Mangler loads of fun, or have King’s Night Shift adaptations pressed their luck too far? Listen to Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob’s review to find out!

Arnie C:


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Deal Alert: Gentle Giant C6 Exclusive Clone Trooper Statue – 35% Off


Gentle Giant’s Star Wars statues are often in high demand with edition sizes over 1,000. And Clone Troopers from the Star Wars prequel films are fan-favorites–they’re like stormtroopers with big guns and good aim! So it makes no sense to me, no sense at all, that Gentle Giant’s Clone Trooper Lieutenant Statue, exclusive to Star Wars Celebration VI in 2012 and with an edition size of only 600, is not only still available but (today only) 35% off at Entertainment Earth.

This statue, showing the blue-accented clone in a kneeling position, stands 10 inches tall, and comes with the Gentle Giant signature black base, with a high-gloss top that reflects the bright white armor of the statue.

It’s Entertainment Earth’s daily deal, and I have to believe that quantities of this statue are dwindling. ┬áIn years to come fans and collectors may well kick themselves for passing on this piece, so get yours today!

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New Podcast – Star Wars Action News Episode 420: Cheers to Planet Comicon!

Planet Comicon was held in Kansas City this past weekend, and Marjorie and Arnie were there and on the hunt for toys and autographs! This show saw a rare signing by John Ratzenberger who is mostly known for being a Pixar and Cheers star, but Star Wars fans know he was also Major Bren Derlin on Hoth. With the con having its first three-day convention, listen to find out what you missed and if you should make it a destination in 2015!

Also in this week’s show, a lot of new Star Wars toys and collectibles have been announced recently. From Potato Heads to replica skate boards to LEGO and more, find out about it all in this week’s podcast!

With a report from last week’s Toy Man Toy Show, a visit to Duncan Jenkins’ Sithsonian, and a close-up look at the breakdown of vintage plastic, it’s all in episode 420 of the Star Wars Action News podcast!
Source: Star Wars Action News

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