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New Podcast: Issue 43: Secret Stores

Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin are back with a bonus episode of Marvelicious Toys! With so many new toy releases grabbing collectors’ attention, on this issue your Marvelicious hosts look at some older toys that have been found at antique stores, toy stores, comic stores, and elsewhere. Looking at the first dedicated Marvel figure line, Mattel’s Secret Wars, as well as Toy Biz figures from all eras, including a super-sized super-articulated Spider-Man! And when discussing these older Marvel toys no one knows more than Marvelicious Timely Review host Jerry, who joins the others to share the history behind some of these older toy purchases and share a couple unique buys of his own.

But not all the toys are old. Marjorie has also picked up some Japanese Ultimate Spider-Man blind boxed figures. Listen as she opens them live and gives her first-blush reaction!

With Arnie reviewing Peter David’s novelization of Spider-Man 2 to tie into Now Playing’s Spider-Man movie review series, and a run down of the Wal-Mart Amazing Spider-Man DVD, it’s all in this bonus Marvelicious Toys!

Listen Now:

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