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The Incredible Hulk – Pilot TV Movie Review

In this thrilling two-hour movie, Dr. David Banner inadvertently exposes himself to a high amount of gamma radiation and is horrified to discover that in moments of frustration and anger he is transformed into the incredibly powerful Hulk. Susan Sullivan guest stars.

Hulk smashes a car in the pilot movie
The Incredible Hulk
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air Date: November 4, 1977
Director: Kenneth Johnson
Writer: Kenneth Johnson
David’s Alias: None
Hulk-Outs: 3
•Frustration changing a tire
•A Bad Dream
•Seeing his friend caught in
a fire

The Incredible Hulk has been a staple in Marvel Comics since his first appearance in 1962, but to many The Hulk is less known for his comic book persona than his portrayal by Lou Ferrigno in CBS’ hit prime time series The Incredible Hulk. Starring Bill Bixby as David Banner, a scientist who overdoses on gamma radiation, the series ran for five years, and it’s impact can still be seen through references in both the Eric Bana and Edward Norton Hulk film adaptations. Now, as Now Playing starts its next leg of it’s Marvel Comic Movie Retrospective, leading up to The Avengers, Jakob, Arnie, and Stuart are reviewing the television movie that started it all–The Incredible Hulk. Does this incarnation of the green giant make our reviewers angry? And would you like them when they’re angry? Listen to find out!


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